Building Gateways

The African Reproducibility Network (AREN), a member of the international family of Reproducibility Networks (RN), is a community-led initiative that seeks to bridge the gaps in open science advocacy and adoption across Africa.

We believe the transition to a fully open research ecosystem can be difficult for researchers and institutions as policies require infrastructure and support to make their implementation possible.

Our goal, in summary, is to furnish African researchers with the necessary support and resources through training and workshops tailored to the local context, enabling them to fulfill the escalating global requisites for heightened openness and reproducibility in research.

AREN will also assist African higher education institutions (HEIs) in organizing such workshops and establishing a local support system through national and institutional RNs that will serve as gateways to promoting best research practices.

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We are part of a strategic global community effort to promote transparent and trustworthy research practices in the academic research system.
Advisory Board
We have an advisory board made up of representatives from various stakeholders across Africa and the global research community
Our activities are coordinated by a management team supported at the local level by national coordinators and local network leads