Global Network

Reproducibility Networks (RN) exist to bring together different communities across the higher education research ecosystem of their nations or regions.

We aim at improving research practice, transparency and quality, broad disciplinary representation and an intensive interdisciplinary dialogue (e.g., with funding agencies, publishers, learned societies and other sectoral organizations, as well as researchers from all disciplines and across all career stages).

This model has clearly proved attractive and successful at motivating people, and has been adapted to suit national contexts across several global regions.

AREN, as the first continent-wide RN, will promote the adoption of the RN model across Africa through the setting up of local networks, acting as a convening point for these networks and establishing a link with the international RN community.

International Community

There are currently national RNs in UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil and several countries in Europe promoting responsible research practices within their local communities

Local Network

Local Networks make it possible to directly engage with grassroots researchers, providing training and support