Announcing AREN's 2024 Training Program!

Join the Open Science Revolution in Africa: Become an AREN Local Network Lead (LNL) in 2024!

Open science is sweeping the globe, and Africa is poised to take centre stage. In line with UNESCO's global framework for open science and our vision for holistic cultural change within the African research ecosystem, AREN's training program is designed to equip African researchers with skills for open, equitable research. Be a part of this transformative journey to establish sustainable local communities that promote open science and reproducible research. Apply now and start your path as an influential Local Network Lead (LNL) with AREN and spearhead change in your community!

What is offered by our training program?

Dive into the heart of scientific transformation with AREN's dynamic training program! Tailored to turn you into an open science champion, our training program offers not just knowledge but a hands-on journey to innovation. Connect with global open science maestros, bringing revolutionary practices to your institution. And it doesn't stop there – completing our training opens doors to professional growth and leadership roles within the AREN community. Seize this chance to be more than just a participant – become a leader in the ever-evolving world of open science!

Time commitments and expectations

Embark on a six-month intellectual adventure with AREN's meticulously structured training program, spanning three distinct levels of learning. This journey requires a commitment of 5 hours weekly, weaving seamlessly into your professional life. As a trainee, your presence in all sessions is pivotal, as is your engagement in completing essential assignments and tasks. This is more than just training; it's a commitment to your growth and an investment in your future as a leader in open science.

Post-Training Responsibilities

Upon completing the training, you will be entrusted to bring the power of open science to your local research or academic communities by starting a local network. This includes actively applying and teaching others the open science practices and principles you've learned and becoming a beacon of innovation and collaboration in your sphere. 


Who can apply

This intensive six-month program seeks motivated individuals dedicated to promoting best research practices and establishing sustainable local networks within African universities and research institutions.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Affiliation with an African university or research institute (public or private) where the applicant intends to establish a local network upon program completion.

  • Open to postgraduate students, postdocs, faculty, library personnel, researchers, individuals in management-level positions, professional and technical support staff across all disciplines.

  • No prior experience in open science is required, as our comprehensive training addresses various skill levels and topics.

How to apply

The application process is simple, just follow the following steps:

  1. Sign up for the AREN community forum (link here) to connect with fellow researchers and stay informed if you haven't already.

  2. Submit your application through the LNLs Training Program Application Form (link here).

For further details and FAQs, download the program's summary document. Follow us on X (Twitter) and LinkedIn for updates.

NB: Registration closes on 23rd February 2024!