Collaboration & Cooperation

Reproducibility Networks (RN) are made up of different groups, allowing for collaboration and cooperation within and between these groups. This model is intended to be flexible and has a structure which supports coordination – both within and between those different elements.

Representatives of the individual RNs usually meet regularly to coordinate activity, share practice, develop collaborative approaches to research improvement and foster discussions with stakeholders .

Members of various RNs also partner with stakeholders and institutional members of the international family on projects that promote best research practices.

National RN

Coordinates efforts by institutional members, local nodes and various stakeholders at the national and supra-national level

Institutional RN

Institutions that formally establish an RN by identifying a senior role to work at the senior management level within their institution


Informal, self-organizing groups of researchers and professional staff that form a Community of Practice within their institution, etc.


Stakeholders comprise funders, publishers, learned societies and other sectoral organizations within the research ecosystem